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Thread Color of the Week: 1994 Pink

Thread Color of the Week: 1994 Pink

This week we have 1994 Pink which is a vibrant pink. Bright pinks such as 1994 Pink, stimulate energy much like the color red, and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate. Are you a fan of pink?


Product Spotlight: Collapsible Cell Phone Stand

Product Spotlight: Collapsible Cell Phone Stand

Portable, and lightweight this collapsible cell phone stand is excellent for the home, office or travel


Thread Color of the Week: 1640 Grey

Thread Color of the Week: 1640 Grey

Hello Everyone! This week’s thread color is 1640. 1640 is a dark grey color. It’s a great color when black is just to dark. Are there any uses you can think of for dark grey thread?


Product Spotlight: Coast to Coast Drawstring Pack

Product Spotlight: Coast to Coast Drawstring Pack

Fill this drawstring pack with your essentials and carrying them around will be a breeze!


Hop into Spring

Hop into Spring

Are you ready to Hop into Spring with some great Easter promotional items.


Thread Color of the Week: 1701 Green

Thread Color of the Week: 1701 Green

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and we’ve decided to celebrate a little early with this week’s thread color. 1701 is a bright green, perfect for ringing in the holiday. This cheerful color is great for a number of applications.


Product Spotlight: Hand Sanitizer

Product Spotlight: Hand Sanitizer

Help protect your customer from germs and bacteria with this neat promotional product