Early Summer Digital Print Sale!

Early Summer Digital Print Sale!

Custom Printed Tees! Get up to 2 print locations.

Design your own t-shirt with anything you want. Custom t-shirts make great gifts or promotional products. Minimum of 12 pieces. For more information or to place an order email or call 800-647-2824 or 508-676-3099.

SALE ENDS 8/31/14


Thread Color of the Week: 1754 Coral

Thread Color of the Week: 1754 Coral

The thread color we have for you this week is 1754. 1754 is coral which is a combination of pink and orange. It’s a warm and crisp color perfect for spring. 1754 is a brilliant color that can brighten just about any design.


Product Spotlight: Gildan Performance 4.5 Oz. Adult T-shirt

Product Spotlight: Gildan Performance 4.5 Oz. Adult T-shirt

This 4.5 oz polyester jersey T-shirt works hard all day long to keep you dry.


April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

May flowers will be blooming. Are you ready?


Thread Color of the Week: 1845 Mint Green

Thread Color of the Week: 1845 Mint Green

This week’s thread color is a mint green in honor of spring! With temperatures finally starting to rise we’ll soon be surrounded by bright, vibrant colors. 1845 isn’t as bright as some other colors it is starting to edge into it. Which makes it a great start to the season!


Product Spotlight: Classic Rugby Shirt

Product Spotlight: Classic Rugby Shirt

High Quality, Classic Style!


Thread Color of the Week: 1911 Pastel Purple

Thread Color of the Week: 1911 Pastel Purple

This week’s color is a pastel purple great for spring and for Easter. 1911 is a soft but vibrant color. It would look wonderful as a painted egg or as part of an embroidery design. We hope you all have a great Easter!


Product Spotlight: Sport-Tek Competitor Tee

Product Spotlight: Sport-Tek Competitor Tee

Bring on the competition. This value-priced, ultra breathable tee takes on any activity with sweat-wicking performance.


Ready to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Ready to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


Thread Color of the Week: 1624 Orange

Thread Color of the Week: 1624 Orange

1624 is our thread color for you this week. This thread color is an orange that’s edging into yellow. It’s a bright color perfect for these sunnier days.