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Thread Color of the Week: 1801 White

Thread Color of the Week: 1801 White

This week’s thread color is one of the most important and most used thread colors we have. That color is 1801 White. It’s the default white used in many of our embroidery designs and has a myriad of uses. It can be the entirety of the design or just a small portion of a more complex design. Either way there are a number of designs that rely on this color. What do you think of our thread color for this week? Is there a specific color you would want to see? Let us know.


Product Spotlight: 16 Function Multi Tool!

Product Spotlight: 16 Function Multi Tool!

Check out our new product spotlight the 16 Function Multi Tool!


Are You Ready for March Madness?

Are You Ready for March Madness?


Thread Color of the Week: 1719 Purple

Thread Color of the Week: 1719 Purple

We have another purple for this week. This one is closer to the red spectrum than our previous purple threads. This purple is a vibrant color that will stand out in a crowd. What do you think of this week’s thread color?


Product Spotlight: The Note Block

Product Spotlight: The Note Block

This week’s product spotlight: The Note Block!


Are you ready for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Are you ready for Saint Patrick's Day?

You’re in luck! We have some great Saint Patrick’s Day themed promotional products.


Thread Color of the Week: 1838 Red

Thread Color of the Week: 1838 Red

This week’s color is a vibrant red. The color was chosen in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. This red is a deep, passionate color which paired with white and pink make up the signature colors of Valentine’s Day. Red roses are often given as gifts on this day as a symbol of a deep and passionate love much like the color. Red roses are often paired with pink and white roses each of which has a different meaning. What about you? Will you be giving someone flowers today?


Product Spotlight: Jumbo Tangle

Product Spotlight: Jumbo Tangle

Check out this week’s product spotlight. The Jumbo sized version of the popular Tangle toy!


Thread Color of the Week: 1730 Brown

Thread Color of the Week: 1730 Brown

Hello Everyone. Time again for the thread color of the week. This week we have 1730 Brown. This is a very rich brown perfect for any number of applications. This color is so rich it may remind you of chocolate. Especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I know brown isn’t most people’s favorite color but what do you think? How do you feel about the color brown?


Limber Up Your Marketing Muscle

Limber Up Your Marketing Muscle

Check out these great yoga promotional products.