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Thread Color of the Week: 1911 Pastel Purple

Thread Color of the Week: 1911 Pastel Purple

This week’s color is a pastel purple great for spring and for Easter. 1911 is a soft but vibrant color. It would look wonderful as a painted egg or as part of an embroidery design. We hope you all have a great Easter!


Thread Color of the Week: 1719 Purple

Thread Color of the Week: 1719 Purple

We have another purple for this week. This one is closer to the red spectrum than our previous purple threads. This purple is a vibrant color that will stand out in a crowd. What do you think of this week’s thread color?


Thread Color of the Week: 1633 Royal Purple

Thread Color of the Week: 1633 Royal Purple

Hello again everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that things weren’t too crazy for Black Friday. Because of the holiday last week there was no Thread Color of the Week. I’m sure there were plenty of colors for you to enjoy around your home and the shops though.

This weeks color is a lovely, rich purple. 1633 purple to be exact. I’m rather fond of this shade of purple myself. I find it’s the perfect hue to complement a teal. Do you know why it’s called royal purple? It’s because in the past Roman Emperors and magistrates wore purple. There are other examples of the color being used in similar ways but your probably not here for a history lesson. I hope you liked today’s color.