About Us

Corporate Image Apparel’s Hometown — Fall River, Massachusetts.

The city is located just  south of Boston and southeast of Providence, Rhode Island. It has a rich  history and was made famous in the 19th century for its expertise in  textile manufacturing.

The busy mills were  replaced with hollow spaces and in and amongst them grew a small  start-up embroidery business called Corporate Image Apparel, circa 1980.  It made sense to build a business on this hallowed ground, made famous  by the precision weavers, the skilled chemists and the talented  designers of the past.

The tradition of the mills  was replaced by family tradition. Corporate Image Apparel was inspired  by Roland Dumont, who then mentored son and daughter Cheryl and Mark,  along with their long time friend Gilbert Lloyd, to develop the  business.

The crew built the business  as designers, manufacturers and sellers of embroidered branded  corporate apparel. Each team member took over their part of the business  and developed an expertise: Cheryl in operations, Gil in sales and Mark  in product development & technology.

Today, the family tradition  lives on with President, Mark Dumont at the helm and many of Corporate  Image Apparel’s employees are ancestors of the original textile mill  workers of the past.

Corporate Image Apparel’s  people bring the experience, precision, skill and talent of yesterday  and apply it to the modern world of today. Investment in technology has  made it possible to create unique forms of apparel decoration through  sophisticated embroidery, silk screening and laser cutting machinery.  CIA has also been known to pioneer new methods to give their clients  cutting edge designs on not only corporate branding, but on retail  fashion.

Over 30 years of  experience, hard work and consistency has built a quality brand known as  — Corporate Image Apparel. The company now produces millions of pieces  of embroidery and screen printing each year from their state of the art  facility now located in the Fall River Industrial park.

Today — “We Make You Look Good” — is not just their motto it is their mission


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