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Jack Rua Invitational

Jack Rua Invitational

Here at CIA inc. we’re golfing for a cause. Check out these golf balls we’re donating to the annual Jack Rua Invitational to benefit the Diabetes Association.



GG3V3872 by N1DU
GG3V3872, a photo by N1DU on Flickr.

Working in embroidery means a lot of thread and a lot of thread colors. Do you have a favorite thread color?



Come check out some jackets we recently embroidered for NCAA.


Join Us for the Tailgate Party!

Join Us for the Tailgate Party!


Every drummer in the world uses Zildjian cymbals for a reason.

Every drummer in the world uses Zildjian cymbals for a reason.

We are very proud of these. Zildjian is synonymous with quality cymbals, just like Corporate Image Apparel is known for our experience, customer service and quality!

Turkey Day is Coming!

All of us at Corporate Image Apparel would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday filled with lots of food and laughter! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!